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Shower Head, Massage White

Shower Head, Massage White

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Bell Shape for Speed Rinsing
Massage Pins to remove dead hair
Spa Effect Shower Head for Dogs and Cats
Attachable to shower handle or as a washcloth.
Universal Hose

How to use:

This shower head model has 2 positions with different actions:

  1. Bell shape to speed up rinsing: with the stretched crown the water is focused and it is ideal for quicker rinsing and avoiding splashes.
  2. Mitten shape: folded crown exposing the rubber spikes.  These rubber spikes in contact with the pet's skin massage at the same time as the coat gets wet. 
    This action also drags the shedding hair.
When it is stopped using it, it is advisable to close the water flow to part of the head at the same tap.

Button for passing or closing the head flow: in cases of high pressure in the water system, this button should not be used as the mechanism does not withstand excessive pressure.

Ref: Y913

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