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Vitalizante Volume (2 Sizes)

Vitalizante Volume (2 Sizes)

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Shampoo for dogs and cats that require volume and ideal for sensitive skin or frequent washing. Especially designed for use in breeds with hard hair (Schnauzers, Terriers, etc.) or breeds that require volume (Poodles, Pekingese, etc.)

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The good hygiene of our pets plays a fundamental role in their health, helping to prevent different diseases and infections that our furry friends are exposed to every day. 

Recommended for use after stripping or aggressive brushing with the skin.


- Ideal for sensitive skin/ frequent wash
- Adds structure and substance to coat
- Vitamin complex helps strengthening and regeneration of coat
- Antiseptic relaxing properties  


Vitamins A, B, H brings health and shine to the hair.
Biotin:  promotes hair regeneration and improves its resistance by strengthening it.
Retinol derived from Vitamin A, present in the growth of the tissue activity of the hair bulb.
Chamomile special for the treatment of sensitive or irritated skin, reducing irritation and inflammation, it is an antiseptic and relaxing ingredient.
Provitamin B5:  protects from breakage and drying.
Horse chestnut:  It is characterised by its be-tonic properties, one of the most important is its antidermatous action.

Its vitamin complex nourishes the hair in depth, providing shine and extreme hydration to the coat.


How to use: 

  • It is advisable to detangle before bathing to help the water and shampoo enter better.
  • Wet the area to be washed well.
  • Apply shampoo by massaging until lathering.
  • Wait 3 to 5 minutes
  • Rinse with plenty of water.

Recommendations from our specialists

The Vitalizing Artero Shampoo is mainly intended for dogs with short hair, hard or damaged hair and for curly and wavy hair.Its composition allows it to be used without diluting, facilitating bathing and preventing hair from becoming dry or brittle.It has a slightly acidic pH, which benefits the health of the skin.
Due to its nourishing and relaxing action, it produces a balsamic effect on the skin and coat. In addition, the Artero Vitalizing Shampoo includes a vitamin complex that nourishes the hair in depth, providing shine and extreme hydration.


Available size: 250ml [H622], 5L [H623]

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