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Vallkiria Straight 7.0”

Vallkiria Straight 7.0”

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Valkiria dog grooming scissors are specially designed for the most demanding and sophisticated professionals. They offer simple and functional handling thanks to high manufacturing quality and integrated innovations. They are ideal for cuts with high hair densities and that require elegant and stylish results.

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Features of the Valquiria dog grooming scissors

These scissors are ideal for marking lines and shapes , since they are made with high quality materials and cutting-edge design:

  • Screw, exclusive to the brand, with ball bearing for greater opening smoothness . It is adjustable and allows you to adjust it according to the desired softness.
  • Beveled edge that improves performance and durability.
  • Its low weight reduces hand fatigue and allows comfortable and agile sliding of the blades.
  • High-end stainless steel alloy, which provides great hardness, good edge retention and resistance to wear and corrosion.
  • Its angle achieves a stable and density-resistant cut, which easily achieves dense cuts.
  • Their thick tips provide greater stability and cutting capacity in the last inch of the scissors.
  • The hardness of 60 HRC +/-1, typical of premium scissors , prevents corrosion, makes the blades more resistant and maintains a very sharp edge.
  • It incorporates concave blades to obtain a smoother cut, facilitate maintenance and prevent friction and intermediate jams.
  • Cuts without slide, reducing the time to mark the cuts.
  • Metallic color with gold details. It can be customised

How to use Valkyrie dog scissors

These dog hair cutting scissors are very light and offer an ergonomic design that helps avoid fatigue and achieve smoother, more natural cuts. To handle the scissors correctly, it is important to follow the following instructions:

  • Use your ring finger and thumb , placing them in the eye holes.
  • Only the tops of your fingers should be in the holes of the scissors. You should not press too hard to achieve smooth cuts.
  • You only hold the scissors with the tips of your fingers and move your thumb .
  • Do not open the scissors too much, as you only need to move them evenly and slowly.
  • Do not push the scissors too much, as it is about working with them gently .

Maintenance of dog hair cutting scissors

Artero's dog scissors are made with high quality and resistant materials. However, the following tips help keep them in better condition for longer:

  • Keep the scissors inside their case to avoid damage in case of falls.
  • They must be kept clean , so it is advisable to remove dirt with a soft cloth after each use.
  • It is recommended to lubricate the blades with a few drops of oil every two or three days.
  • Never cut paper or other material other than hair with them.

Valquiria dog grooming scissors are a precise tool for the correct performance of professionals. Its design, material and manufacturing will make each cut a pleasant experience for the groomer and the pet.


Ref : T71070

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