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ARTERO Singapore

Rake, 12 Wavy Pins Bamboo Handle

Rake, 12 Wavy Pins Bamboo Handle

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Bamboo-handled slitter/knot cutter with 12 curved, rounded-tipped blades with wavy edge for heavy-duty work.



- 12 curved, wavy blades 
Ultra coat eliminates the undercoat both in shedding dogs and in stripping dogs.
- Ultra coat is a very agile and easy to use knot cutter 
- Ecological made of bamboo
- Recyclable cardboard packaging


How to use:

Multipurpose. For removing knots, matts, and dead coat. For removing undercoat and helping with the stripping process. 

Type of coat: Wired,Spaniels, double and short coats 



P965 [ 6.5x17cm ]


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