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Tsunami Shampoo 5L

Tsunami Shampoo 5L

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Vinegar-based shampoo specifically for degreasing, removing stains and deodorizing effect during the first soaping. Its cleaning capacity is ideal in cases of very dirty dogs, it prepares the coat and skin for a second coat of a specific shampoo.



  • Get rid of your dog's dirt and bad odours
  • Composition with vinegar, it eliminates the grease attached to the hair and drags away unpleasant odour molecules during the bath.
  • Ideal as a first wash and preparation for the second coat of specific shampoo
  • In professional 5 litter format
  • With a long-lasting fresh and floral fragrance that accompanies our pet for days


How to use:

-Apply in the palm of the hand, emulsify until foaming and spread over the coat with a massage.


Ref: H764

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