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Wooden Handle Super Coat (5 Sizes)

Wooden Handle Super Coat (5 Sizes)

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Models with fewer blades.


 8-10 blades: Ideal for removing dense undercoat on heavily furnished breeds, such as Golden Retrievers, Sheepdogs, Cockers, and other similarly coated breeds. Proven to be extremely useful in helping to smooth out the coats overall appearance by removing unnecessary and excessive undercoat.

16-20 blades: Very useful in removing bulk undercoat in shorter coated breeds, such as the Schnauzer, Westies, and other Terriers. Can also be used to smooth out the back coat/jackets on Spaniels, Retrievers, and other Sporting Breeds

How to use:

  • Glide the comb gently through the coat to remove dead coat
  • Recommend the mat to be removed before bathing the pets 


Available Size: 10 Blades [P453] ,16 Blades [P455], 20 Blades [P456]


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