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Drakula, Styptic Powder 15Gr

Drakula, Styptic Powder 15Gr

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Hemostatic powder to stop small hemorrhages caused by nail cutting. Cylindrical container with screw cap. Innovative powder dosing system using a perforated platform that allows direct application to the nail. Includes anti-humidity bag to prevent caking.

Powdered hemorrhage cutter for cutting nails in dogs

  • By applying the powder while applying a little pressure, you will be able to stop the blood loss in seconds.
  • Innovative application system that allows you to take a portion of the product with your fingers or apply it directly to the nail from the container
  • Container with screw cap for easy opening
  • Includes anti-humidity to prevent caking and extend its useful life

How to use

  1. Rotate the closed container several times to load the powder platform.
  2. Open the lid and leave it near the work area.
  3. Hold the finger and clean the blood with paper or gauze.
  4. Rest the nail with the hemorrhage on the platform and press against the platform for 5 seconds or pinch a little powder with your fingers and apply to the hemorrhage, applying pressure and wait 5 seconds.
  5. Repeat task if blood loss is not stopped. 


  • Ferric subsulfate
  • Bentonite
  • potassium aluminum sulphate
  • ammonium chloride

Special to stop small hemorrhages generated by cutting nails in dogs


Ref: H246

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