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Stripping Finger, Set Of 5

Stripping Finger, Set Of 5

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5 colours, 5 sizes


Stripping thimbles for dogs or cats made of rubber and with relief to facilitate hair removal.
To perform a good stripping on dogs you need the best tools and accessories so that this task does not take forever. Artero thimbles meet all expectations so that you can perform a perfect stripping in the shortest possible time.


  • The thimbles for stripping in wire-haired dogs or cats make it easier for the dog groomer to grip to perform the stripping technique.
  • Color system: Artero stripping thimbles are color coded. Each color corresponds to a different diameter for a perfect adaptation to the finger, visually facilitating its identification for quick placement on each finger.
  • The relief together with the texture of the rubber allows a 100% better grip than standard thimbles.
  • Thicker and stronger than conventional thimbles or latex thimbles.
  • High precision.
  • Material: rubber.
  • Reusable.
  • 5 units.

How to use Stripping thimbles?
To perform the dog grooming stripping technique, at least two thimbles must be put on. One on the index finger and the other on the thumb, acting as a pincer.
Depending on the professional who performs it, add more fingers to even all the fingers of the hand.
For this reason, the great variety of measures to better adapt each thimble to the finger.


Available Colours:

  • 53mm Pink [P643]
  • 56mm Green [P644]
  • 59mm Coral [P645]
  • 62mm Blue [P646]
  • 69mm Orange [P647]
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