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Sniff Body Deodorant 300ml - Odor Remover

Sniff Body Deodorant 300ml - Odor Remover

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Eliminate your pet's bad smells instantly thanks to its deodorising action.

Spray/deodorant for dogs with an intense odour. Immediate and effective effect.

The good hygiene of our pets plays a fundamental role in their health, helping to prevent different diseases and infections that our furry friends are exposed to every day. That is why at Artero we have developed this ideal deodorant for your pet.

Suitable for puppies and adult dogs.



  • Corrects unpleasant odours.
  • Eliminates bad body odour providing a pleasant and long-lasting fragrance.
  • Long-lasting deodorant effect.
  • Elegant and soft aroma.
  • Suitable for dogs and cats.
  • Contains natural ingredients.


Feature ingredients :

Linden and cyclamen offer soft, sweet notes, while the heart reveals a nourishing blend of honey, orange blossom and jasmine.

The background underlines this fragrance thanks to a rich and warm accord.

Citrus tints to provide freshness and neutralize the most intense odours.


How to use:

Shake the container and spray from a distance of 30 cm over the entire coat, avoiding the face. In case of overuse, brush out to dry the coat.


Recommendations from our specialists

Artero Sniff Deodorant is mainly intended for dogs with strong odours. His canine life and environmental factors end up leading to common bad scents.
Its own fragrance of the mixture of the softness of the linden and the citrus intensity will help us to immediately perfume our pet. 
Its composition allows it to be used as a spray for easy use, facilitating its application and easily reaching the body of the dog.
In addition, Artero Sniff Deodorant has been designed as a faithful companion for adult dogs and puppies, neutralising odours in depth.

Apply carefully not to aim at mucous membranes and eyes.

Ref: 300ml [H726]

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