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Snake Neck Dryer

Snake Neck Dryer

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The portable hands-free dryer ideal for stretching the hair of dogs and cats in an easy and intuitive way, obtaining the best stretch. 


-Portable hands-free dryer for placement on the neck. 
-The C shape of its handle adapts to the shape of the neck to achieve a comfortable position.
-Its weight is distributed between the head and handle so that its balance is balanced and it attaches to our neck with minimal effort.
-It has a blue light that is projected through the nozzle indicating where the air focus is to know where to focus the hair stretching.
-Its neoprene thermal protector covers the area of ​​the head in contact with the face to prevent heat transmission during work.
-2 Speeds with which to regulate the air flow and adapt it to each need.
-Possibility of working with cold, medium and maximum heat air depending on whether we just want to dry or also stretch and shape.
-2 nozzles that give us two air diffusion options, a conical one to reduce the diameter of the focus and one with a slot outlet to achieve an air line.
-3 meters of cable that offer greater capacity for movement around the dog.

-Power: 2400w

-weight: 0.88kg


Ref : S317

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