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Slicker, Semi-Rigid Pin (3 Sizes)

Slicker, Semi-Rigid Pin (3 Sizes)

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Ideal tool for detangling and straightening the hair of puppies, small dogs and cats. Features a curved head that maximizes the brushing surface with each pass, allowing for faster work. 

Features : 

- Medium thickness and height spikes designed to easily detangle and straighten dense or thick hair. This provides a smooth and uniform result.
- Ergonomic handle provides a comfortable grip and helps reduce effort during brushing.
- It is made with quality and highly durable materials , such as stainless steel and rubber.
- It is handmade with ecological materials , such as bamboo. Thus, it becomes a sustainable and environmentally friendly option.
- Recyclable cardboard packaging, which offers sustainability and helps reduce plastic waste.

How to use : 

- Hold the card by the handle and place the tines on the pet's coat, making sure to maintain gentle, constant pressure.
- Gently slide the spikes in the direction of the handle along the pet's hair, avoiding sudden pulls that could cause discomfort.
- Perform repeated back and forth movements and work in sections to ensure that all the fur is covered evenly.
- Start by always combing with the hair and then switch to brushing against the hair to stretch and detangle it even more. Pay attention to the areas most prone to tangles.
- If hair accumulates between the spikes, remove it with your hands or a comb to maintain the effectiveness of brushing and prevent the aforementioned spikes from clogging.

Recommendations ! 
These pet accessories require care for a long life. To do this, you can do the following:
Store the dog card in a dry and well-ventilated place to avoid the accumulation of moisture, as this could cause deterioration of the bamboo and stainless steel.
Avoid prolonged contact with water and exposure to direct sunlight to preserve the integrity of the materials and prolong the useful life of the knot removal card.


Ref : 

P811 : 8x16 cm (S)
P812 : 10.5x17 cm (M)
P813 : 10.5x17 cm (L)

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