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Double Flexible Slicker Brush (2 Sizes)

Double Flexible Slicker Brush (2 Sizes)


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Very soft double-sided flexible slicker.



- Work quickly and comfortably with its two different barbed faces

- Flexible double card for dogs and cats.

- Easily eliminateĀ undercoat.

- Smooth, detangle, flatten and remove foreign bodies from the fur.


The black side is for d-matting, featuring pins aligned in straight rows to quickly and gently separate matts, and the grey side is for brushing. very smooth and flexible, helping to save coat and time. It can help in reducing wrist injuries caused by repetitive motion while brushing and d-matting.

How to use:

  1. Gently glide the slicker through the affected areas to remove matts.
  2. In a "Tap -and-Pull" motion.


Ref :Ā 

P316 :Ā Double Flexible Small Slicker [5cm*7cm]

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