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Slicker, Classic 14mm Pin (3 Sizes)

Slicker, Classic 14mm Pin (3 Sizes)

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Classic Slicker for dogs  and cats is a crucial tool for the dog grooming professional. Remove hair knots and comb the coat.

Features : 

- With Artero quality, a company specialized in dog grooming items.
- Can also be used to comb your pet, especially after bathing and drying.
- Short and fine bristle brush that helps eliminate tangles that usually occur when dirt accumulates, especially in dogs with thick hair.
- With ergonomic handle.  

How to use :

This model of short-tine brush for cats and dogs has a design that makes it easy to use.

- Check that the short and fine bristle brush is in the correct condition to pass it through the dog's coat. You must check that the tines are not loose or deviated.
- Hold the slicker with your dominant hand. Gently brush through the coat in the direction of hair growth. First do it superficially, and then move on to the deeper areas of the mantle.
- Start with the largest and least sensitive areas of the pet, such as the back and hind legs. Next, move to the most sensitive areas, such as the chest and belly, always applying medium pressure.
- If there are persistent knots, use it with a little more pressure until the hair is untangled. If necessary, cut the knot with scissors and comb the area with the card.
- As this product fills with shedding hair, stop combing and remove the remaining hairs between the spikes.
- Repeat the operation depending on the density of the mantle.
- Remove the remaining hair from the card.

Materials : 

-Bamboo handle.
-Stainless steel and rubber frame.
-Metal spikes.


Ref : 

[P808] S : 11.5 x 15.5cm 
[P807] M : 8.5 x 12.5cm 
[P809] L : 6 x 13cm 

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