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Bamboo Slicker, 20mm Protected Pin Flexible S

Bamboo Slicker, 20mm Protected Pin Flexible S

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Card with flexible and articulated head that allows moderate movement and thus achieves deep brushing capable of quickly untangling the coat. One side with a protected spike to avoid scratches during intense work and another side with a normal spike for regular work.

This product has the Artero guarantee. As such, it is a top quality utensil.
Double-sided dog card that allows different treatments depending on the pet's needs.
This card for untangling stubborn knots and opening the coat provides a flexible head that moves back and forth depending on the pressure exerted by the professional.

It has two types of spikes. 
On the first side, has protected pins that allow for gentle and dedicated combing. Thus, it takes optimal care of the pet's skin.
On the second side, it integrates normal pointed spikes to stretch the coat and untangle annoying knots.

Features : 
- It is characterized by having 20 mm long rigid spikes.
- Thickened and ergonomic handle that makes it easier to hold the card. The professional will be able to brush in both directions without any problem and with the intensity required to separate the hairs.
- Measurements: 20 x 4.5 cm.

How to use :
1. Clean the dog card. That is, eliminate hair that may be embedded in both sides of the flexible head. 
2. Hold the double-sided articulated card with your dominant hand. Do it firmly, in such a way that it allows a deep drag of the coat, even in the lower layer of hair.
3. Go over the face with regular tines to stretch the coat and untangle stubborn tangles. Always carry out this process in the direction of hair growth. Pass this side over the back and legs. Then, do it on the pet's chest and belly.
3. Use the face with protected spikes over the dog's back and legs to separate the hairs and comb the coat. Then perform the action on sensitive areas.
4. Once the process is finished, remove the remaining hairs that remain between the spikes.

Composition :
This articulated card to open the coat and untangle the hair has Artero quality and, therefore, high manufacturing standards.
- the handle is made of bamboo.
- The head is made of resistant stainless steel.
- The spikes are metal.

Ref : P814

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