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Shirtdress Tokyo Abstract

Shirtdress Tokyo Abstract

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Artero's polyester smock for dog grooming , model Tokyo Abstract, is designed to protect clothing from canine hair, while offering a radiant and modern style.


- Perfect height . Its design offers a long textile that reaches above the knees of the dog groomer, so that it protects the clothes when cutting the dog's hair.
- Adjustable sleeves with rounded hems that allow complete freedom of movement regardless of the style of cut, specifically on the stylist's wrists.
- Technological fabric . This smock for dog groomers is made entirely of polyester fibers, which allow for an extremely resistant textile. In addition, its innovative fabric repels hair with very little static and does not affect the natural movement of the body.
- Aesthetic profile, with a button-up line that is hidden under an extra flap, and a shirt collar that provides a modern style while offering convenience and comfort at all times.
- Trendy design . This blouse features an abstract print of poodles in a combination of white, black and red tones.
- Great diversity of measurements. The Artero dog grooming smock has a large number of sizes, in order to satisfy any need and adapt to any size. It is available in sizes XS, S, M, L, XL and XXL.
- Excellent range of durability and resistance , thanks to the fact that it is made with synthetic fibers in a highly closed mesh fabric. This provides breathability to the garment and offers great tear resistance.
- 100% Made in Spain


How to use: 
- Adjust the neck and sleeves before starting the cut or detailing, taking into account the level of freedom of movement that is required.
- Adjust and fasten the internal button depending on the taste of each canine groomer.
- Shake the blouse before and after putting it on to make sure that no hair remains attached to the fabric.
-Clean and remove excess hair between each use, specifically at the junction of the flap and on the internal button panel, as well as on the adjustable sleeves.
-Wash with cold water or at a temperature of 40 °C maximum.
-Dry the polyester smock for dog grooming preferably outdoors.


Available size : XS[W848], S[W849], M[W850], L[W851], XL[W852], XXL[W853]

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