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Purifying Shower Head

Purifying Shower Head

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Filters chlorine and impurities from the water to improve the condition of the skin.

  • Contains Germanium and Tourmaline stones.
  • It saves up to 65% water
  • Tones, cleanses and disinfects the skin and hair.
  • Massage with pressure and eliminate bad odors.
  • Powerful filtering effect with mineral balls that remove lime, chlorine, toxins, rust, etc.
  • Indispensable for sensitive and / or allergic skin.
  • Finish: polished and multilayer chrome plated.
  • Material: Environmentally friendly ABS.
  • Suitable for dogs and cats


Germanium benefits:

  • Promotes healthy hair and skin.
  • It manages to balance the positive and negative electrons.


Tourmaline benefits

  • Eliminates static electricity
  • Provides hair with shine and softness.


General benefits

This shower head removes chlorine and lime, soothing the dog's skin and preventing scratching.


Ref: Y914

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