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Protein Vital 90ml

Protein Vital 90ml

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A leave-in conditioner that instantly restores the vibrancy of all coat types, without adding weight or changing texture.

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- Ideal for all types of coatings
- Instantly recovers the softness and shine of healthy hair, protecting it for longer and greater than classic conditioners. 
- Repair the coat with silk protein
- Contains Pro-Vitamin B5 which contributes to the natural shine of a healthy coat & adds elasticity & flexibility while preventing breakage.


Directions to use:

Can be applied to wet coat after shampoo bath and either be left in, rinsed through, or rinsed out depending on coats needs. Makes a fabulous, lightweight, non greasy fluffing and/or brushing spray when 3-4 pumps are mixed with warm water in our fine misting spray bottle.


Feature Ingredient : 

Silk Protein: restructures the fiber in depth that reaches the internal level of the hair.
Oat Extract: essential for the proper functioning of the defense systems of the dermis. It is rich in trace elements necessary for the care of the dermis, rich in minerals such as Manganese, Zinc and Copper, as well as Calcium, it has the property of providing softness and smoothness for treatments after washing.
Panthenol-Povitamin B5: Vitalizer that provides shine and luminosity with a nutrition factor at the root
Glycerin: Humectant of the fiber, ensures intense hydration, recovering the stem to normal hydrolipid levels.
Propylene Glycol + Centrimonium Chloride + Cyclomethicone + Amodim ethicone: Set of repairing conditioners and cationic moisturisers with a fast effect and minimal residue, which ensure long-term hydration

Recommendations from our specialists

Artero Protein Vital Conditioner is intended primarily for dogs with hard hair, dense double-layer coats, short hair, curly hair, and cats.

It will intensify the volume and texture of the hair and protect it from breakage.

Ideal to be accompanied with the Artero Moisturising shampoo



Available size: 100ml [H626], 650ML[H630]


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