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Podium, Red Medium Hold

Podium, Red Medium Hold

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 A dry particle hairspray that can be used for setting a shape or texturising any style. 


Allows free movement of the hair, and is set firm to the touch. Can be used on coats of all colours/tones. Perfect finish for all breeds, especially terriers and also for top knots. Perfect hairspray to have in a grooming salon, as it can be removed by brushing or falls out naturally on its own. No need to worry about damage or matting after you send them home! Does not leave residue in coat. 


Fix hairstyle: after the arrangement in the dog groomer, apply hairspray and order the hair with a brush to help the arrangement to be maintained for longer.

Texturize: use before cutting or Stripping: First phase: brushing and opening the hair.
2nd phase: apply the lacquer and make the arrangement, this will help us to give volume to fine hair and without texture to be able to make the arrangement more comfortably.



Topknots: spray from 30cm and style. After cutting + styling: spray from 30cm onto desired areas to prevent them from moving and losing their shape.


Available Size: 400ml [H662]


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