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Cleaning Glove with Chlorhexidine, 20 units

Cleaning Glove with Chlorhexidine, 20 units

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Pet cleaning gloves for dogs and cats.


Wet wipes designed with hermetic closure and recyclable container to help with day to day hygiene with pets. Suitable for dogs and cats of all ages that in need of immediate cleaning. To remove dirt, bad odours and eliminates germs from your pet with fresh essences. Formulated with Chlorhexidine help to maintain health of your's pet skin and antibacterial.




What is Chlorhexidine?

It is an ingredient of these wipes that has a wide antibacterial spectrum.


INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Remove a glove and place over your hand. Rub all over the coat until the dirt and bad odors are removed. Use another glove if necessary. Discard glove after use.


Available size: 20 units [H722]

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