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Overall Abstract

Overall Abstract

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The Artero Texas ABSTRACT overalls for dog grooming achieves a perfect balance between professional features for work in dog grooming and an elegant and modern design.



- Styling designed for top level usability. It integrates an elastic waist with an ergonomic fit that allows the bib to stay in place, even with sudden movements. In the upper part it has adjustable straps on the chest to increase the convenience and comfort of the garment.
- This bib is available in the following sizes , always thinking of meeting the needs of any specialist in dog and cat grooming: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL.
- Textile with integrated technology, made with a mixture of polyester-based synthetic fibers that prevent excess static from being generated. Thus, it is capable of repelling dog hair and, in addition, it has a quick-drying technology that makes it ideal for continuous use.
- This dungarees are 100% made in Spain . This is a guarantee of quality in all its aspects, both in the materials and in the design and manufacture of the textile.
- Design to the last , since these pants have an elegant and modern design. It presents a print that perfectly combines white, black and red tones, and that is striking without neglecting professionalism.
- Great durability and resistance.Artero's Texas Abstract dungarees have been made with synthetic fibers that provide high resistance and durability without increasing the final weight of the garment. This results in a light and comfortable dungarees.


How to use

Adjust the elastic waist in such a way that it adapts to the trousers worn underneath.
Button the straps in the chest area according to the hairdresser's needs. The goal is to maintain good mobility at all times.
After use, it is recommended to shake all the dog hair that has remained on the textile.


-Clean the textile from the waist to the feet, preferably with a dry cloth.
-Do not wash with hot water or over 40 °C.


Available size : XS[W860], S[W861], M[W862], L[W863], XL[W864], XXL[W865]

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