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Oil Pen, 4ml

Oil Pen, 4ml

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Lubricating brush for scissors and blades. The brush removes debris and hair from between the leaves and teeth. By rotating the plunger we ensure that the bristles are impregnated with lubricant to protect the sharpness of the tools.


-Lubricating brush for scissors and blades
-Ideal for removing hair between leaves and teeth
- Lubricates the surfaces after impregnating the bristles with oil when rotating the plunger
- The most comfortable way to achieve intense lubrication.
-Protect the edge of your tools, extending their useful life 

How to use

-Brush the surfaces and corners where waste accumulates. Rotate the plunger until the brush bristles are impregnated in order to distribute the lubricant over the rubbing surfaces of scissors and blades.



Ref : Y449

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