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Nail Trimmer, Bamboo Handle (2Sizes)

Nail Trimmer, Bamboo Handle (2Sizes)

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Nail clippers for cats and dogs with ergonomic handle to improve grip and stainless steel blade tip. 


- Most comfortable ergonomic natural bamboo handle .
- Stainless steel blade with perfect closure and adjustable opening. The different opening extensions allow it to be used with dogs of different breeds, both large and small. It can also be used to trim the nails of cats of any size.
- It comes in a recyclable cardboard packaging.


How to use Artero Nail Clippers for Dogs Nature Collection P960

-Grab the pet's paw gently, but firmly. Carefully lift and take your fingers one by one and gently stretch. With this gesture, visualize the nail.
-Take the nail clipper for dogs and cats and create a sufficient opening for a nail to enter between its blades.
-Look under the nail to see the meat and not damage it. You have to locate the sensitive area of ​​the pet, which is a dark circle located inside the nail, in its center.
-Place the nail clipper on the edge of the nail if you cannot see the meat.
-The dog nail clipper should be held at a 45° angle .
-Trim the tip of the nailfirst of all. Then stop to examine the nail and verify that no skin injury has been caused.
-Hold the paw and the nail in the direction of light to better see the center of the nail.



P960 [4x13cm]
P250 [4.5x16.5cm]

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