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Magnum Ergo 7.0/ 8.0"

Magnum Ergo 7.0/ 8.0"

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Magnum Ergo Razor Blade Straight Edge with Serrated Finish.


  • Ergonomic design, semi off-set handle
  • Fixed finger rest
  • Steel type: 440C
  • One blade micro-serrated
  • Concave Blades
  • Steel Hardness HRC +/-1: 60HRC

    What to consider when buying a straight edge with micro-serrated finish:

    This scissor is composed of one straight razor edge blade and another micro serrated blade. For this reason, we will feel a very slight friction when opening and closing. 

    The micro serrated function means that the scissors grips the hair and does not slide or possibly bend the hair whilst cutting. 

    This scissor is prepared for prep work, dirty or difficult coats and very thick hair.

    The cut can be very marked, and we should be careful to blend the coat when finishing the work. 

    This is one of the most useful tools in the day to day work in salons worldwide. 

    Available Size: 7.0" [T45870], 8.0" [T45880]

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