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Retractable Leash (3 Sizes)

Retractable Leash (3 Sizes)

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New ARTERO Dog-Control Retractable leash, up to 5 metres in length. Provides greater freedom feeling to our pet allowing it to better exercise during the daily walk.


Extremely safe stop system and comfortable to use offering the alternative to be used either as a short leash, allowing us to control our pet, or unblocking it to allow our pet to 360° freely move around us ensuring no mess when automatically rolling up.

At the same time, it offers an elegant Black&White esthetic. The ARTERO Dog-Control is ergonomic with a nice feeling to the touch thanks to its high-quality rubber and plastic finishing. 


Available size: XS (Max 12kg) [S296], S (Max 15kg) [S294], M Size (Max 25kg) [S295]

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