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Keratin Vital 90ml

Keratin Vital 90ml

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Conditioner for dogs and cats that instantly nourishes, protects and regenerates the cuticle. Helps straighten, protect and promote healthy, beautiful coat growth.

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At ARTERO we have developed this concentrated conditioner for dogs and cats.
With an immediate regenerative effect on your pet's hair, which provides softness and shine. Prevents hair from breaking due to long brushing sessions. Highly recommended for use after stripping or aggressive skin brushing and we recommend it for pets suffering from: parasites, fungi, excema and damaged skin.


  • It offers an incredible regenerative effect. This conditioner / mask acts on the hair cuticle, closing it and covering it in such a way that, while nourishing the hair, it protects it from the aggressions of external agents.
  • Strengthens the coat, achieving stronger hair without breakage during brushing.
  • Keratin acts on the skin and hair, regenerates damaged hair, providing a beautiful silky appearance to the coat and repairing both the hair and the softness of the skin. Eliminates frizz or static electricity.


How to use

When applying the product, we recommend following these steps:

- Wet the area to be washed well
- Apply the conditioner and massage gently
- Wait three to five minutes
- Rinse with water or leave applied as a mask


Use it as a repairer

- Mix one part of Artero Keratin Vital with 2 parts of hot water
- Apply to washed and damp hair
- Comb and wait 3 to 5 minutes
- Rinse with water
- Use the entire mix as it cannot be saved


Recommendations from our specialists

Artero Keratin Vital conditioner is mainly intended for dogs with damaged hair, long hair and dry coat.


Available size: 100ml

Ref : H672

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