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Keratin Vital Mask 650ml

Keratin Vital Mask 650ml

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Conditioner for dog grooming that instantly restores the softness and shine of natural hair, achieving a silky and easy-to-brush appearance.

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- Offers an incredible regenerative effect.
- This conditioner / mask acts on the hair cuticle, closing it and covering it in such a way that at the same time it nourishes the hair, it protects it from the aggressions of external agents.
- Strengthens the coat, achieving stronger hair without breakage during brushing.
- Keratin acts on the skin and hair, regenerates damaged hair, providing a beautiful
silky appearance on the coat and repairs both the hair and the softness of the skin.
- Eliminate frizz or static electricity.
- Presented in an elegant 650ml container with dispenser.
Feature Ingredient:
Silk Protein - Serica:  restructures the fiber in depth that reaches the internal level of the hair.
Oat Extract:  essential for the proper functioning of the defense systems of the dermis. It is rich in trace elements necessary for the care of the dermis, rich in minerals such as Manganese, Zinc and Copper as well as Calcium;
It has the property of providing softness and smoothness for treatments after washing.
Panthenol - Povitamin B5:  Vitalizer that provides shine and luminosity with a nutrition factor at the root.
Glycerin Humectant of the fiber, ensures intense hydration, recovering the stem to normal hydrolipid levels.
Propylene Glycol + Centrimonium Chloride + Cyclomethicone + Amodim ethicone: Set of repairing conditioners and cationic moisturizers with a quick effect and minimal residue, which ensure long-term hydration.

How to use:

The method of application and dosage will vary depending on the condition of the hair.
>> In long and punished hair
- Apply Protein Vital dry before washing.
- Brush and untangle the hair.
- Proceed to the bathroom.
- Apply the shampoo.
- Rinse with plenty of water. If necessary, repeat the process of the 2nd pass of - shampoo and rinse.
- Apply a new dose of Protein Vital, do not rinse and go directly to drying.

>>In less punished hair, only one application will be necessary after washing.

>>In good condition hair
- Apply Keratin Vital after rinsing the shampoo.
- No rinsing is necessary.
- The amount of product depends on the type of hair (volume and length) and its condition. For a correct distribution of the product on the hair, we will apply the quantity of 2 or 3 pumps of the dispenser on the palm and we will spread the product on both hands.
- Massage the hair from the roots to the tips, insisting on this area of ​​the tips.
Repeat the operation as many times as necessary.
Comb so that the distribution is more uniform and proceed to the usual drying.

Use as a repair conditioner

Mix one part of Artero Protein Vital with 2 parts of hot water, apply to damp hair (after washing), comb through, leave on for 3 to 5 minutes and rinse.
Use all the mixture made, it is not suitable to be able to keep it in good condition for a long time.


Exclusive advice for dog grooming professionals

To achieve a greater effect, we recommend sliding the Artero Zenit Titanium iron on the finish after applying the Artero Keratin Vital to: Get a better seal of the ends. Loose and free hair effect. More shine. Hairstyle is put back in place, even on windy days.

You get a 20% longer lasting hairstyle. (Ref of the plate suitable for this treatment: M590) Precautions In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water. Keep it out of the reach of the dog or cat.

* Do not eat. We care for and protect pets, which is why Artero Cosmetics does not contain mink oil.


Recommendations from our specialists

Dog/cat owners, we share a strong affection for our pets, we love them dearly but, like it or not, dogs smell. We know that you are a responsible canine human and bathe your four-legged friend regularly. You take control of the medication against fleas and ticks, you buy him a healthy and balanced food. And you swear that your pet was not the target of the fetid outburst of a cute but smelly skunk. Still, does your dog stink? There are reasons that explain why. Also, that he loves incidents that involve smelling bad. Making croquettes in the mud, he has a magnet for the most nauseating puddles, if not for worse things. And, as a rule, he hates it when you bathe him. These are some of the most common causes, adding the excessive amount of fat they may have in their hair,

Don't blame them, it's in their nature. But improper hygiene of the pet can have dermatological consequences that end up altering its aroma and therefore end up "stinking" the home.

Available Size: 650ml [H659]     

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