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Glove, Single Sided

Glove, Single Sided

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Right-handed glove made of breathable and waterproof fabric, rubber palm with spikes to remove shedding hair from the coat. Suitable for dogs and cats.

Features : 

  • Rubber surface with separate spikes
  • Articulated thumb which to better handle the dog during brushing
  • Flexible fabric and rubber making it easier access even in narrow areas
  • Water resistant makes it an ideal tool for a deep bath

How to use :

Insert your right hand, adjust the elastic band to the wrist. Make circular movements around the entire body. Remove excess hair trapped between the prongs so that it works in the best way.

For the bath, wet the coat, add shampoo to the face with rubber and rub the mitten over the coat, generating foam around the entire body. Rinse the mitten and let it dry after use.


  - Fabric and Rubber
 - Special to remove shedding hair and undercoat comfortably. Ideal for soaping your pet during bathing. Dogs and cats.


Ref : P786

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