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Glove, Double Sided

Glove, Double Sided

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Double sidede glove made of synthetic breathable fabric, one side with hair-catching fabric and the other side with rubber spikes to remove shedding hair from the coat. 

Features :

  • To remove shedding hair from dogs and cats
  • Fabric traps hair from other fabrics such as clothing, chairs or carpets
  • Rubber spikes to remove shedding hair before it falls into the home
  • Also very useful for soaping our pet, saving cosmetics and cleaning in depth
  • Simple and intuitive use without risk for the pet
  • Recyclable cardboard packaging

How to use:

Open the wristband, insert your hand.
- Rubber spike face: rest the spikes on the mantle and make circular movements. To lather, put the shampoo directly on the prickly area and rub it on the coat. 
- Fabric face: identify the direction in which the fabric works and pass it only in that direction

-Fabric and rubber
-Special to remove shedding hair and undercoat comfortably. Ideal for soaping your pet during bathing. Dogs and cats.


Ref : P787

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