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Ge-Bion17 Flexible Brush -

Ge-Bion17 Flexible Brush -

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Ge-bion brush with natural boar bristles and nylon with 17 minerals that purify and eliminate toxins, untangles without pulling,  Special professional brush for quick drying, detangling and shining hair



- Base material for the grip of the spikes: GE-BION17
- Boar and nylon bristles
- Non-slip handle
- Very soft round spikes

- Made with GE-BION, a unique hybrid mineral that contains Germanium and 17 types of mineral elements from the earth

Benefits of GE-BION:

Purifies and eliminates toxins from the scalp
Prevents dryness in the hair
Transmits negative ions

K615 [Pink], K616[Turquoise], K617[Purple]


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