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Focus Earmuffs, Set of 3

Focus Earmuffs, Set of 3

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Focus Insulated Pet Earmuffs   Help dogs and cats stay relaxed during the drying process. Stress and anxiety decrease. Includes a set of 3 different sizes.



- Includes 3 pieces: size L (21x18 cm), M (20x14 cm) and S (12x12 cm).
- These bands are made of highly elastic textile material in 3 different colours.
- Embroidery with the Artero logo.
- They are also very useful in case of travel , in cars or in airports, in addition to other noisy environments, such as storms and fireworks.
- Made with special fabrics that help insulate noise and prevent nervousness in dogs and cats during drying.
- Elastic material can be adjusted to any type of head. In addition, it does not deform or break easily.
Cat earmuffs are soft and very comfortable for cats and dogs.
- Put on and taken off very easily when needed
- Earmuffs for dogs make the groomer's task more comfortable and safer, by reducing stress on the pet.
- The cotton with which they are made is light and helps to absorb moisture.
- They provide a soft compression that allows the earmuff to be kept snug without causing discomfort.
- Can be machine washed.


How to use :

- After bathing the dog and before drying it, it is recommended to introduce the band through the snout and slide until it completely covers the ears.
- Remove and finish drying the hair with little air flow.
- It is important to wash the cat ear muffs after each use.
- Finally, store them in a dry and ventilated place.


Composition : Made of cotton with American terry that is extremely soft and resistant.




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