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Detox Vital 90ml

Detox Vital 90ml

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Anti-pollution mask for dogs and cats to keep their coat clean for longer. 

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The good hygiene of our pets plays a fundamental role in their health, helping to prevent different diseases and infections that our furry friends expose themselves to day by day. 

Artero Detox Vital Conditioner is intended primarily for dogs that live in the city, breeds with white hair, and pets with strong odours. With activated carbon to absorb toxins, impurities, traces of fat and dirt in depth. Aloe vera refreshes and repairs the skin.


  • Keeps the coat clean for longer
  • Great hydration
  • Antitoxin effect
  • Anti-pollution
  • Greater care of the skin and coat
  • Help with detangling, softening effect
  • Natural ingredients
  • Suitable for all breeds of dogs and cats


Feature ingredients:  

Activated Carbon:  Its great absorption power eliminates toxins, impurities, traces of fat and dirt in depth.
Aloe vera:  refreshes and repairs the skin.


How to use: 

When applying the product, we recommend following these steps:

→ Wet the area to be washed well 
→ Apply the conditioner and massage gently
→ Wait three to five minutes
→ Rinse with water or leave applied as a mask

Use it as a repairer

→ Mix one part of Artero Detox Vital with 2 parts of hot water
→ Apply to washed and damp hair
→ Comb and wait 3 to 5 minutes
→ Rinse with water
→ Use the entire mix as it cannot be saved



Ref: H727

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