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Defender Skin Repair Cream

Defender Skin Repair Cream

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Repairing and moisturising cream for your dog's and cat's nose, pads and elbow pads


Padding care for dogs and cats

The Paw Pads for dogs and cats are the soles of their shoes, they are made of a thick skin that supports the exercise of day to day but can suffer injuries in demanding situations. In dogs that practice sports, in the hot months pets that walk on asphalt or on icy or snowy surfaces, also those that walk through areas with a lot of gravel.

We will know that the pads are not correct if we see thickened skin, cracks, wounds or if our pet limps or refuses to go for a walk.

Dfender will reduce pain and inflammation as well as regenerate the affected areas.

>> Nose Care 

The nose is an area devoid of hair that is highly exposed to the sun as well as continuous rubbing against surfaces when sniffing. It is common for the skin to dry and crack, even generating bumps. Dfender will get rid of all these conditions.

>> Elbow care

Elbow pads are generated in pets that rest their weight at bedtime on their elbows, causing thickening of the skin and losing hair. By treating our pet daily and offering a padded bed, we will be able to recover the skin and hair of the area.


Feature Ingredients & Effect

  • Aloe Vera to heal and close wounds and cracks
  • Shea butter and Vaseline provide hydration, generating a film that prevents evaporation and achieving maximum effect for hours.
  • Calamine manages to deflate and relax the skin, ending itching and pain caused by erosion.

How to use:

Ensure the affected area is cleaned. Apply cream on the affected point once or twice a day until recovery.

Ref : 100ml [H728] 

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