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De-Shedder, Micro-Serrated Blade

De-Shedder, Micro-Serrated Blade

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Artero Floki De-Shedder, Micro-Serrated Blade is a very useful de-shedding tool for dog and cats. It mainly allows you to eliminate undercoat and shedding hairs that can accumulate, tangle and form knots. 

Features : 

  • Made with bamboo and a micro-serrated blade to remove hair and undercoat in short-haired dogs
  • Manufactured with high quality materials to offer greater resistance and durability.
  • With a firm and robust fixation of the tines to the head.
  • Ergonomic design that facilitates the task and reduces fatigue.
  • The slider measures 10 x 17 cm.
  • The micro-serrated system is made of chrome-plated metal .
  • This de-shedder removes the finest undercoat , preventing the dog from shedding hairs at home. 
  • Recyclable cardboard .

How to use :
Basically, it is used like a comb with a handle, gently stretching the dog's skin before use:
- Hold the rake firmly by the handle, but be gentle when sliding.
- Place your teeth on the mantle.
- Slide along the hair, in the direction of the handle .
- Rake around the entire body. It is mainly passed over the back, sides and legs . Do not slide it over the snout.
- Pay special care in the area around the genitals and abdomen.
- When the teeth are full of hair, remove them by hand.

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