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Curry Comb, Blue Bamboo

Curry Comb, Blue Bamboo

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This curry comb, blue bamboo  is an effective and essential tool for removing hair and undercoat from their shedding. Its modern design and high quality materials allow you to keep your coat clean, untangled and healthy, effortlessly and without damaging your skin.

Features : 

  • Ergonomic design : the handle adapts very well to the shape of the hand, providing a firm and secure grip. 
  • Soft and flexible spikes: their shape is perfect for catching loose hair and tangles. They have microtips that massage the skin during brushing.
  • It is suitable for different coat types and breeds. 
  • Easy to use : no special skill is required to brush the coat, and it is very easy to control.
  • Ecological : the handle is made of bamboo, an environmentally friendly material. The spikes are also eco-friendly.
  • Safe: does not cause discomfort or irritation to the skin. It also does not pose any risk or harm to dogs and cats.

How to use : 

- Remove tangles and knots from the fur before starting brushing.
- Hold the handle firmly 
- Brush gently, without too much pressure, over the dog or cat's coat in circular movements, covering all areas of the body.
- Take special care in areas prone to tangles, such as the neck, behind the ears and tail. In this way, you can avoid causing discomfort.
- When hair accumulates in the bristles, it is advisable to remove it with your hands or use an additional brush.
- Once the brushing process is finished, must be cleaned to keep it in good condition.

Materials : 
The brush for long-haired cats and double-layered  dogs has the following materials:
- Blue rubber on the surface, strong and durable.
-Special and effective rubber spikes with soft and rounded micro-tips.
- Bamboo and rubber handle, non-slip, durable and eco-friendly.
-Recyclable cardboard packaging that reduces environmental impact.

This dog mitt is the perfect tool for grooming your furry friends. In addition, by not damaging them when using it, it helps them reduce the amount of hair they shed. It has been designed with your comfort and safety in mind, to provide you with the well-being and affection you deserve.


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