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Cosmetic Set Bichon Maltes

Cosmetic Set Bichon Maltes

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Special package Bichon Maltese. A combination chosen by the best professionals to enhance the white colour and brightness of your pet's mantle.

The special kit for the Maltese or similar breed. Contains high quality products for hair and skin care.
Ideal to keep your pet perfect.


 Blanc Shampoo 250 ml: hides yellow tones and enhances white
 Keratin Conditioner 100 ml: The conditioner for long hair and damaged hair 
 Pretty Eyes eye lotion : removes stains in the eyes, corners of the mouth and paws

General precautions for shampoo and conditioner

In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water
Keep out of reach of your pet
Do not ingest
Protect mucous membranes and eyes
Do not swirl to avoid creating tangles

Ref: H719 

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