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ARTERO Singapore

Comb Poodle Volume 23cm

Comb Poodle Volume 23cm

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ARTERO Comb Poodle Volume 


  • Teeth with tapered tips for improving cuts.
  • Ideal for Poodles, Bichons, Kerry Blue, etc.
  • The regular spacing of the teeth means they can be used on either side to give an even result.
  • Tapered teeth specifically designed to separate and smooth the coat, adding volume.
  • Galvanized coating which prevents rust and helps comb teeth glide through the hair.
  • Recyclable cardboard packaging.

How to use:

Hold the comb by the handle and place the teeth on the coat at an angle of about 45°. Insert the comb into the coat and move outwards to straighten the fur. Hold a section of hair by the tip, then comb the base of the section with short and then long strokes.


Galvanized metal.
Specially designed to separate, smooth and add volume to the coat. Not to be used to remove knots.

Size: 24.5x4cm/9.65x1.58″

Ref : [P780]

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