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Comb, Cornerless Volume Conical 23cm

Comb, Cornerless Volume Conical 23cm

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  • Metal comb with galvanized coating prevents oxidation and encourages the teeth to slide through the hair. 66 wide spikes with a conical tip and 34 narrow spikes with a conical tip that draw an arc eliminating the corner to access sensitive areas such as the face without risk of injury.
  • Long description:
    - Comb without corner to comb the areas of the face near the eyes, lips and ears without risking injury
    - 1/3 of the comb to access sensitive areas and 2/3 of the comb with spaced tines to quickly comb less complicated areas
    - Specific conical spikes to open the coat, stretch it and provide volume.
    - Galvanized coating to prevent rust and gain sliding of the spikes on the hair
    - Recyclable cardboard packaging

How to use :

Hold the comb by the shaft and present the prongs over the hair at an angle of about 45º with respect to the skin. Use the spikes with greater space between them to comb the body and legs and the part with spikes closer together and without a corner for the head, feet, etc.


galvanized metal.
Specific for opening the coat, stretching it and providing volume in dogs and cats. Ideal for working on sensitive areas of the face and feet. Do not use to remove knots.


24.5x4cm Spike:35mm


Ref: P984

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