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Brush, Slicker type Black (Righty) [P263] - ARTERO Singapore

Carding Slicker Brush (Lefty/Righty)


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Ideal for medium to long coats, and medium to large breeds.


Pick length: 20mm 
Helps get rid of knots and matts very gently, with minimal to nearly no hair breakage. Great at getting through thick/long coats and separating hair completely. Perfect for a clean, neat finish on any coat.
Special for breeds with medium or long fur of medium or large stature, with straight or curly hair type.
Softness Level: Soft

Does this brush help to improve undercoat?
Its large number of flexible, soft bristles with length and diameter manage to eliminate even the finest undercoat.

How to use:

  1. Gently glide the slicker through the affected areas to remove matts.
  2. In a "Tap -and-Pull" motion.

Professional tip
Professionals also use it to fix the hair on the paws in pets and lift the hair in these areas, providing the effect of fluffy and well-groomed.

Special for cats:
It is the best card for your cat and preferred by professionals in pet grooming without hesitation is the Artero card brush.

Available Size: Righty [P263], Lefty [P313]