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Brush Nylon Boar Bristle 22cm

Brush Nylon Boar Bristle 22cm

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ARTERO Nylon brush for dogs and cats is the tool that the dog grooming professional needs to give the final touch to the dog grooming treatment. Individuals can also use this brush to treat their pet's hair at home to prevent knots from forming or dirt remaining between the hairs.

Features : 

  • With nylon bristles that has the Artero quality seal. As such, the brand with more than 100 years of experience ensures its long useful life.
  • Nylon cat brush with flexible, soft and rounded bristles. 
  • For hard-haired dogs , such as spaniels and setters, whose spikes are inserted into a soft black cotton pad. This pad helps take care of the pet's coat, not generating unnecessary friction or annoying pulling.
  • Double coat dog brushes . Nylon spikes on a tuft of bristles allow it to enter the deep layer of the coat when it comes to dogs with a double coat. This allows the hairs that go below and above to be separated, giving more volume to the coat.
  • With thickened and ergonomic handle . You will have a better grip during brushing. In addition, you can exercise different intensities depending on the quality of the hair.-Measurements: 22 x 6 cm.

Use : 

For brushing and arrange layers, and to give volume to double layers.

- Made with resistant and high-quality materials that allow it to be used for a long time.
- Bamboo handle.
- Nylon spikes on a tuft of bristles.


Ref : [P781]

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