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Blanc Shampoo 100ml

Blanc Shampoo 100ml

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Shampoo for white haired dogs

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Specific shampoo to correct the yellowish tones that our dog achieves a nuclear white bath after bath. Its chromatic action is also applicable to black, gray and blue dogs, intensifying the tone and adding shine to the coat.


Intensifies black, gray and white colors
Provides extra shine
The hair is clean, soft and shiny from roots to ends
Suitable for dogs and cats of all breeds
Ideal for sensitive skin or for frequent washing
Provides protection for both hair and skin

How to use

When applying the product, we recommend following these steps:

→ Detangle your hair before bathing to allow water and shampoo to enter better.

→ Wet the area to be washed well

→ Apply the shampoo and massage until foaming

→ Clarify

→ Perform a second soaping, letting the product act for three minutes

→ Rinse with plenty of water


Ref: HS648

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