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Black 2M Side By Side

Black 2M Side By Side

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S267 BLACK 2M /english from ARTERO SA on Vimeo.

Dryer and Ejector for dog grooming. Dry the dog's hair quickly and professionally.


  • Dryer and Ejector with 2 motors.
  • The 2 engines always work at the same time.
  • Air and heat flow regulator.
  • Air flow working at maximum: 320CFM.
  • Power: 3000W
  • Maximum temperature: 52ºC.
  • Maximum decibel level: 85dB.
  • Includes extensible hose from 70 cm up to 2 meters.
  • Includes the set of 3 nozzles and hose. 
  • Filters for easy extraction and cleaning.
  • Measurements: Height: 26cm. Width: 34cm Length: 38cm
  • Weight: 6.7Kg

* DOES NOT INCLUDE wall support and stand

- Wall support ref.A576
Stand + hands-free tube ref.A587

Spare Parts:
- Standard Nozzle ref.RARS0214
- Conical Nozzle ref.RARS0215
- Wide Nozzle ref.RARS0216
- Hose ref.RARS0217
- Tube connector ref.RARS0237
- Carbon Brush ref.RARS00249
- Black 2M motor ref.RARS0255
- Filter replacement ref.RARS0221
PCB Board, Black 2M ref.RARM0256


Ref. S267

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