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Bamboo Slicker, 20mm Protected Pin Flexible L

Bamboo Slicker, 20mm Protected Pin Flexible L

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This double articulated card for dogs is a fundamental tool in dog grooming. It untangles hair knots, combs its coat and eliminates harmful particles that are difficult to remove.

Double articulated card for dogs has what it takes for the dog grooming professional to carry out their work efficiently.Easily remove annoying knots that form in the coat, especially in long-haired dogs.

Features :

  • Double articulated card for dogs that has the guarantee of Artero, a brand with more than 100 years of experience in pet grooming.
  • Articulated card with two sides for dogs with all types of hair and tangles. It works especially for medium and large breed dogs.
  • Flexible head that moves back and forth depending on the pressure exerted. In this way, the card adapts ergonomically to the dog's anatomy, which improves combing and cleaning the coat.
  • Articulated card with long and flexible tines on both sides . On one side it has protected spikes to avoid irritating the pet's skin. On the other side it has normal spikes to stretch the coat.
  • Firm and ergonomic handle to ensure grip when passing over the pet's coat.
  • Measurements: 20 x 9 cm.

How to use

1. If you want to remove knots from the coat, 
use the side with normal spikes . Brush gently in the direction of hair growth from head to tail. Repeat until the knots have been untangled.
2. Use the side with protected spikes to comb the dog after you have removed the knots of hair . Carry out the same procedure as above, delicately, and remove the shedding hair trapped in the coat.
- If the card becomes full of hair, remove it carefully so as not to damage the tines or the integrity of the fingers.

Composition :
This double articulated card for dogs is made with top quality materials:
- Polyethylene heads.
- Metal spikes


Ref : P815

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