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ARTERO Singapore

Artero Surf Mat

Artero Surf Mat

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Premium rubber mat with non-slip surface to prevent pets from slipping, padded to prevent fatigue and easy to clean. Artero Born To Be Groomed logo design in turquoise. Ideal for hairdressing tables or surfaces where we are going to handle a dog.


- Rubber pet mat with turquoise surface
- Non-slip, ideal to put on the surface where we will put our dog or cat before handling it, preventing it from slipping, favoring its relaxation during brushing, drying, nail cutting, cleaning, etc.
Padded, it provides a rest for the pads on the ground and allows you to work with your - pet for longer without getting tired or nervous.
- Hair-repellent surface makes it easy to remove hair and dirt so it always looks clean.
- Can be rolled up for storage without taking up space

How to use:

- Unroll and spread on the table or surface on which you want to handle the dog or cat. After use, sweep up residue and wipe with a damp cloth. It can be stored rolled up or left extended.
- Composition: Rubber.
- Special for the relaxation and safety of dogs and cats during handling (brushing, nail cutting, drying, etc.).


  • 115x60cm
  • It is important that we keep in mind that when cleaning it we will only wash it with water and a damp cloth in a delicate manner. 
  • ⚠️ Do not use chemicals to clean it, as it will lose the color of the Mat 



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