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ARTERO Singapore

Queen Micro 7.0”/7.5"

Queen Micro 7.0”/7.5"

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Artero Scissors Queen

Very light and resistant cutting hairdressing scissors. 

Its micro-serrations ensure that the hair does not slip along the blade during cutting, eliminating large amounts of hair with each pass.

Details : 

High quality hairdressing scissors.
Its narrow blade allows us to reach any corner.
Composed of a razor-edged blade and a micro-serrated blade.
Micro-serrated edge for a better grip on the hair.


-Alloy : 440C Japanese steel.
-Edge: Micro-toothed
-Concave blades:  They achieve a smoother cut, facilitate maintenance, avoid friction and intermediate jams
-Hardness : 60Hrc +/-1
-Shaft type: Adjustable, allows us to adjust the screw according to the smoothness we want.
-Finger rest: Fixed, it allows us to rest the finger and have better control of the scissors. 
-Handle : Symmetrical, ergonomic.


Ref :

Queen Micro 7.0" [T63570]
Queen Micro 7.5" [T63575]


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