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Kubic Conditioner 500ml

Kubic Conditioner 500ml

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Leave-in foam conditioner with moisturizing capacity as well as great combability and a volumizing effect, ideal for cutting. The foam format improves the distribution and application of the product in addition to saving cosmetics. It is applied after bathing and before drying, it stretches during drying, leaving an ideal mantle for hairdressing in addition to taking care of the health of the hair. 


- Conditioner in foam format for better application 
- Moisturizing and volumizing effect ideal for use before cutting  
- Foam format that helps to apply it and now up to 3 times of the cosmetic
- A leave-in conditioner to make the most of its properties 
- 500ml container with non-aerosol foaming system 
- Use after bathing, wet, before drying 

How to use:
- Foam the cosmetic into the palm of your hand and apply to the damp, clean coat, spreading it with a gentle massage. Dry with heat, stretching the hair with the help of brushing. Leave-in conditioner. 

- Special for hydrating, providing shine and combability while preparing the coat for cutting.

Ref: H761

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