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Solar Block - Sunscreen Spray

Solar Block - Sunscreen Spray

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Sunscreen for dogs in Spray. Preventing ultraviolet and infrared rays from damaging the hairs from burning, losing colour, drying out and damaging the cuticle.


- Description:

- Sunscreen for pets
- Protects hair from the effects of UV and Infrared rays
- Spray format for a comfortable and fast application
- No more burned and colourless hair during the summer
- Use it before walks so that your dog always shows off the spectacular coat

How to use:

- Spray around the coat, especially the spots most exposed to sunshine, such as the bridge of the nose, ears tips, skin around the lips, groin and inner thighs.


- Specific to protect the coat of dogs from the negative effects of solar rays (UV and infrared).



Ref. H762 

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