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ARTERO 4Cats Long Hair Shampoo 250ml

ARTERO 4Cats Long Hair Shampoo 250ml

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Artero 4Cats Longhair Shampoo 250 ML

Specific shampoo for long-haired cats. With a great moisturizing effect capable of removing a lot of hair during bathing to prevent hair loss at home. In addition to a great cleaning and dosing capacity

-Ideal shampoo for long-haired cats
-Moisturizing effect to eliminate shedding hair during bathing
-Eliminates grease and bad odors
-250ml format for better handling of the container
-Achieve long-lasting hygiene with artero quality cosmetics

How to use:

-Apply to the palm of the hand, emulsify until foaming and spread over the mantle with a massage. Rinsed without waiting.



Specific shampoo for long-haired cats. 

H763 250ml

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