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4Cats Finger Wipes Eyes/Nose, 50uds

4Cats Finger Wipes Eyes/Nose, 50uds

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Artero Thimbles Dips Eyes/Nose 4CATS

Allow for gentle and comfortable cleaning of felines. With them you can easily remove dirt from your nose and eyes.

Features of the Artero 4CATS H756 Eye/Nose Dips Thimbles
Artero has created the 4CATS model cat cleaning thimbles to offer a non-intrusive cleaning system. With effective results and high-end features:

-Humidity makes a difference. The cat thimbles are soaked in a solution to remove dirt from the eyes and nose of felines. Without causing them any type of discomfort.
-Antibacterial system . The health of felines is essential, which is why these thimbles have been provided with an antibacterial substance. This helps keep bacteria at bay in both the cat's nose and eyes.
-For a total cleaning . 4CATS thimbles have been developed to remove dirt, grime and mucus from felines. In addition, they allow stains to be removed from the fur.
-The exact amount . These Artero cat thimbles are designed for continuous use, and that is why they are presented in a format of 50 units that includes a dispenser.
-Neutralize odors . These thimbles have been perfectly moistened with an odor inhibiting substance to neutralize any unpleasant aroma.
-Quality guarantee . The manufacturing of Artero model 4CATS thimbles has been carried out with top-level materials, guaranteeing usability and allowing perfect care for cats. When buying cleaning thimbles for cats , this is undoubtedly an option to take into account.

How to use these cleaning thimbles for cats : 
Artero has placed great emphasis on creating a product that promotes the well-being of felines , without neglecting comfortable and simple use.

1. wash your hands before handling the 4CATS eye and nose thimbles.
2. take a thimble and place it on your index finger .
3. rub the cat's tear ducts and eyelids, preferably from the nose to the outside of the face .
4. Delicately rub the outside of the nostrils and their edges, always from the inside out.
5. It is important to emphasize that each thimble is for single use only .
6. Finally, check that the container is tightly closed after removing the thimble to use. This ensures that the thimble solution remains in good condition.

Product composition

-Water, propylene glycol, sodium chloride, glycerin, aloe vera extract, diazolininyl urea, panthenol, methylparaben, propylparaben, cetrimonium chloride, tocopheryl acetate, DMDM ​​hydancy, iodopropynyl butylcarbanate.
-The body of the thimbles is made of cellulose. 
-The packaging of the cat cleaning thimbles is made of PET plastic.


REF : H756 (50units)

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