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4Cats Finger Wipes Ears, 50uds

4Cats Finger Wipes Ears, 50uds

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Artero Thimbles Dips Ears 4CATS

The Artero cat ear cleaning thimbles model Dips ears 4CATS have fabric soaked in a cleaning solution that helps remove earwax and accumulated dirt.

Features : 

-Deep cleaning . These 4CATS thimbles are moistened with a disinfectant cleaning liquid that offers a thorough and easy-to-apply clean.
-Anti-bacteria technology. The health of felines is a fundamental issue for Artero, which is why it has created an antibacterial solution that is applied through its 4CATS ear thimbles, and that allows bacteria that want to lodge in the ears of felines to be kept at bay.
-Precise thimbles. These thimbles have been specifically designed to remove wax, dirt and stains from cats' ears without damaging the fur.
-Package of 50 units. When purchasing cat cleaning thimbles, quantity is important. Therefore, this package contains 50 thimbles for cleaning the ears, perfect for always having one on hand when needed. This container has a lid so that the thimbles remain intact and prevent contact with air from drying them out.
-Goodbye to odors. The antibacterial solution in the composition of these wet thimbles to clean earwax allows you to eliminate bad odors caused by bacteria and dirt accumulated in the ears of felines.

How to use thimbles for cat ears : 
The health of felines is a pillar of action for Artero, which is why it has created these thimbles that are easy to use and extremely effective.

-Before handling the Artero 4CATS ear cleaning thimbles, the user must wash their hands thoroughly.
-Use only one thimble per occasion and place it on the index finger before proceeding to clean the feline's ear.
-Rub the feline's ear in a semi-gentle way, dragging away the accumulated earwax and dirt.
-Gently rub the outside of the ear, always avoiding inserting your finger too much so as not to affect the inside of the ear.
-The Artero 4 CATS ear thimbles are disposable, that is, they are for single use. Once used, do not flush down the toilet.
-Check that the jar remains perfectly closed, to guarantee the good condition of the thimbles.

Composition Artero cat ear thimbles, with antibacterial cleaning solution, have high quality components.

- Water, propylene glycol, malic acid, glycerin, peg-12 dimethicone, polysorbate 20, diazolidinyl urea, aloe vera extract, disodium edta, methylparaben, propylparaben, witch hazel extractWater

REF : H757 (50units)

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