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Alp 14T 6.0" (60%)

Alp 14T 6.0" (60%)

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Alps 14-Teeth Chunker Scissors

Professional hairdressing scissors to sculpt with 14 teeth. It cuts deeply scored allowing complete styles to be created in one step. Cut, texture and define lines. Recommended for curly hair.


  • 14Teeth
  • 60% Thinning
  • Symmetrical Handle
  • Symmetric handle
  • Removable finger rest
  • Steel type: 440C
  • Curved teeth
  • Concave Blades
  • Steel Hardness HRC +/-1: 60HRC


What to consider when buying a chunker scissor?

  • This scissor is composed of one razor-blade edge while the other blade has very wide teeth.
  • Chunkers are a scissor which should be used for cutting and defining. These should not be confused with thinners, which are used to blend, transition and reduce volume. Even though both thinners and chunkers have teeth on one blade, chunkers can cut at least 50% of hair, while thinners generally remove less than 30%
  • With large chunkers, we can remove a lot of hair quickly, even from very dense coats. With smaller chunkers, we can work on the definition.
  • With the thick teeth of chunkers, we may feel some friction when closing the scissors. 


Available Size:  14Teeth [T621460]

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